​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass

SOURCES: The Internet

As much as possible, I have contacted resources for permission to use their images, be that as a book illustration, an internet image, an auction house listing, or information from a website.

These permissions are given, with no conditions as to what, when or for how long the agreement stands, and that is how I have applied them. I could list the number of people who have given me permission to use their images etc. in the last two years, but that would be invading their privacy, and this was not agreed upon by them, others are willingly shown on the CONTRIBUTORS page with their permission. If you wish your name added there, let me know.

It can also happen that one of these collectors or image owners change their minds for a number of reasons over time, but since they did not apply any conditions at the time of the initial agreement, their written permission is considered a contract, I am approaching the use of their material in that same legal manner.

As far as content of this site, there again, I have been advised and cautioned not to broach certain Czech glass topics. In a free speech environment, I am not bound by anybody else's views or opinions about my site and the information it contains or is presented. There is no need for me to explain anything other than what I feel would be beneficial to the site's visitors to learn. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me, see CONTACT page.

There are a few American collectors who are quite possessive of their previous research, conclusions, and information regarding this subject matter. What they have accomplished has helped me and others tremendously, and I am very grateful to their initial efforts, and the growing pains they endured. As in any other type of decorative art study, whoever broaches the subject and advances the quality of the information available, helps the people coming along after them. It's a linked chain, where we all matter, one link at a time. The topic of Czech era decorative glass of 1919-1939 is a very complicated one, we should help each other, not do the opposite, but that is everyone's choice and right.

Here, we only discuss one small part of a very large puzzle. To make some sense with my research I not only have to review A. Rückl glass, but the other main producers and exporters of similar quality decorative glass in Czechoslovakia and outside this country in Europe. What I state may not agree with previous conclusions and research and that is not unusual, nobody is 100% correct with all their efforts or agreed with 100% of the time. There is no intent to damage or dismiss anything or anyone, the purpose is to continue to delve and accrue what is known over time. Hopefully with future efforts by others, we will continue to find the answers to our questions, and there might be a future dispute about some of what I and others have previously concluded. That is acceptable and expected.

The applicable internet laws for usage of available information and images on the internet is a simple one, this is called 'FAIR USE'. If the usage is purely for information purposes and not meant to generate a financial gain for the website owner, such as including advertised material on pages for visitors to see, or for selling goods, it is an appropriate and legal usage in these circumstances. The same applies with books, if you have bought the book and own it, you are allowed to use to material within it's covers, if you will not profit financially from doing so, and attribute the material to the proper source. 

​My practice is to acknowledge owners & others who have provided me with their images as Contributors on this site's page. Some are from very old sale archives where its not possible to know the original owner. A few others have chosen to post on several public venues and are likely to have their images copied - and they are, by many, I received a library of over 4,000 images from a collector friend, many of which were copied in this manner. Prevention for people to do this and avail themselves of your images would involve applying an appropriate 'image copy blocking' software, which some auction houses and other sites use, if it matters to you take these precautions.

Following are copies of the original texts which detail the current Internet Laws, and what I have explained already.