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I have increased the importance of W. Kralik Czech glass information, easily done since Kralik glass is already an integral part of my Czech glass studies and research. I am incorporating specific Czech glass company's big export output, some of it part of their economy glass line, imported by the USA for wholesale purposes, not seen or identified anywhere else as far as I know.

This site's commitment is to explore many areas, and will only cover a tiny fraction of the whole puzzle of Czech glass era identification.  A new page for the ROYAL ART GLASS label is to demonstrate that the German Lexicon of glass marks published in 1997, under the Franz Welz glass marks was in error, in their choice of labels. This reduces even more the flimsy documentation available to identify this specific glass.

I am also adding a new page for Franz Welz Czech era 1919-32? glass identification, the reason is simple, I am already involved on this site with the two other companies Ruckl and Kralik, who produced and exported this mid value decorative glass, Welz has been deemed the third as far as export volume by some. I will explore the viability of this belief. My opinion always has been that too much emphasis was placed on flimsy information, from flimsy sources. Much of which has remained secret, with no possibility of doing any validation by third parties. Just that kind of situation is suspicious and indicates the possibility of error, or misjudgment. This is not personal or aimed at anyone, it's the natural process of documentation and research that is an integral part of collecting antique and vintage decorative items.

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Tango                    -  ROYAL ART GLASS label study site page 

                                     At last I have completed our study of this label, and show a diagram                                         that illustrates the number of glass items we have been able to find in                                       the last five years. 15 pieces have this label, and the various                                                     attributions of the glass.

                                     Conclusion is a satisfactory outcome of the label not representing                                             strictly FWK glass, but several other Czech glass houses as well as                                           Welz. As was first believed when the Lexicon of Glass Marks was                                               published, it is not a label that was used for Welz glass only, rather                                            two other outcomes can now be considered: either the label was a                                           distributor and exporter brand, or Welz was the distributor and used                                         these brand labels for a variety of glass products during this period.​


IDglassI                - IDglassII
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MoreCzech-Kralik    - Kralik Straight Mark Webbed Decor  

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                                   - MoreCzech-KralikIII - Butler Brothers Glass, USA

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