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Text in blue shows the site locations that have been updated, in February 2018.

I have increased the importance of W. Kralik Czech glass information, easily done since Kralik glass is already an integral part of my Czech glass studies and research. I am incorporating this Czech glass company's big export glass output, some of it part of their economy glass line, exported to the USA for wholesale purpose, not seen or identified anywhere else, as far as I know at the time it was implemented. This glass will be from the same period of 1919-1939. 

It has become necessary to include Czech identified glass pieces in a category for post 1940. This may be a surprising outcome, and is going to show any type or brand of glass made in Czechoslovakia at a later date than expected but using the same export marks found earlier, especially the small circle MADE IN CZECHOSLOSVAKIA, on a new page called CzechPOSTWWII.

To pursue this site's commitment to explore many areas previously unknown, this should help all Czech glass collectors with some of their glass purchases or pieces they already own, and reveal more information about this type of glass today, which remains a tiny portion of the whole puzzle of Czech glass identification. I had already identified some decors as Kralik on my old MoreCzech site pages, meant to illustrate the differences between Ruckl and Kralik decors and shapes as well as comparisons with Welz glass, as identified by another collector. There is a lot more to share on this topic and I will do so, in the same spirit as the rest of this site's approach. I may also provide a view of other country's glass of this period, when pertinent, some often confused with Czech glass items, such as Scailmont - Belgium glass. 

My latest perception about this glass, and our quest for information in the last few years, and how the landscape is more of a competitive nature than a group effort, is not constructive or helpful. Instead of advancing towards a common purpose, it seems some collector's are more interested in establishing themselves as the authority on the subject, while disputing and dismissing other's efforts and conclusions. The result due to all these diverging directions is one of chaos and confusion. We are going backwards not forwards. I had hoped that this would eventually change especially here in North America, but there is no sign that this will happen now or ever. I am reintroducing some of the pages I had removed for review, in a new edition or version. This is to show my own decision to stay pragmatic in the face of the previous and continuing personal vendetta against me and my Ruckl site efforts. 

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