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I have increased the importance of W. Kralik Czech glass information, easily done since Kralik glass is already an integral part of my Czech glass studies and research. I am incorporating specific Czech glass company's big export output, some of it part of their economy glass line, imported by the USA for wholesale purposes, not seen or identified anywhere else.

This site's commitment to explore many areas, will only cover a tiny fraction of the whole puzzle of Czech glass era identification.  A new page for the ROYAL ART GLASS label is to demonstrate that the German Lexicon of glass marks of 1997 for Franz Welz was in error, if it was as a distributor as far as we know now. ​

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A work in progress, no longer visible after a week due to a highly contentious reaction from Mr. Craig Orkney, who has made a point of publicly offending this site's webmaster and the site's content since it's inception, this time about having an incomplete page, or inadequate one. To be published when finished.

Mr. Orkney refuses to show any semblance of tolerance or acceptance of most people's work, such as any opinions and conclusions about the topic of interwar Czech Export Art Glass or other that do not match his. An obsessive illogical attitude as the only valid authority on a subject, a personal affront if not agreed with.

Also one that keeps changing, as over several years some of his positions became untenable, this he denies, hoping most people still around will have forgotten what he said and wrote or do not care.

Once Mr. Orkney saw this new paragraph (he does keep a close eye on this site). This time we had a whole post rebuttal in three versions which used images that were not his, and a long explanation about why my claims regarding these RAG labels are wrong (as usual). He crows, brags and 'trump'ets​ about this, even alluding that Kralik glass pieces with the label were perhaps by arrangement with Welz, their relative by marriage. It matters not that the people involved by 1920 were the younger generation of Kralik brothers and Welz brothers. There is no indication that there ever was an alliance between the two families then, in fact what we do know is the bigger more important Schreiber family influence earlier in the century, which took place in North West Germany not Czechoslovakia. 

But then we could take the complete opposite view of Mr. Orkney and claim Kralik was the owner of the distribution business, and they had long term contacts with all the necessary glass plant owners. After all the Kralik family could boast of an aristocratic title which gave them a notch of status above the rest. You will see once the study is complete, this is not so far fetched either......

In response to the paragraph above, the post in question was edited again by Mr. Orkney, removing the statement about Welz and Kralik collaborating with the RAG label, since they were related as brothers in law. 

Easy to say you never did or said something when you spend your time deleting and editing both sites, with no explanation except a manufactured one once in a while. Your posts come and go, then sometimes the content and images are completely different but since you edited instead or creating a new one, the time frame shows 3 to 5 years instead of yesterday. Same thing with the Kralik Glass site, what's happening with the spiraloptish decor between Kralik and Welz? Just disappeared, then it was supposed to be re-posted, over 2 years went by, no information... I guess that is ok in your book of webmaster practices. But low and behold, do not publish an incomplete website page, which is still being worked on. THAT is highly suspicious and dishonest behavior, when it is claimed and still is, there is more information forthcoming. This text has been edited for a better overall cohesiveness.


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