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I have increased the importance of W. Kralik Czech glass information, easily done since Kralik glass is already an integral part of my Czech glass studies and research. I am incorporating this Czech glass company's big export glass output, some of it part of their economy glass line, exported to the USA for wholesale purpose, not seen or identified anywhere else, as far as I know at the time I have put this into action. This glass will be from the same period of 1919-1939. 

To pursue this site's commitment to explore many areas previously unknown, this should help all Czech glass collectors with some of their glass purchases or pieces they already own, and reveal more information about this type of glass today, which remains only a tiny fraction of the whole puzzle of Czech glass identification.  I may also provide a view of other country's glass of this period, when pertinent, some often confused with Czech glass items, such as Scailmont - Belgium glass. 

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