More pertinent Kralik shapes and/or decors images (full size), based on what I have already shown here on this page, in the Butler Brothers ads. These ads did change content, where the mix of glass pieces was slightly different. I don't need to use each and every one to show you a good cross section of

Kralik decorative glass made for export to the USA, dating 1928-31.

This is another site page which will continue to be updated with

new finds in time.

​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass

Truitt Volume II

Kralik Groups

MoreCzech - Kralik III

We can base some of our 1919-1939 Kralik glass examples on the Butler Brothers wholesale catalog publications in the USA. Surprisingly these archived documents do not span the whole period, they cover the 1928 to 1931 years only. Yet they are a great source of information, as they sold huge assortments of Czech decorative glass to their clients: novelty stores, five and dime stores, small jewelry - retail stores etc. The largest exporter was W. Kralik.

I am going to combine both the BB ads and the Czech glass items they represent, in as many glass decors as I can find. This might mean that some decor were pre-1919, I call these crossover glass shapes, with decors that are pre- and post 1919. So, shapes are the driver here with the multitude of glass examples Kralik excelled at producing in massive numbers, in several sizes. You will note that some shapes have handles, windings, etc. or not. The BB description of a few ads, are useful with details of size and glass style used per items at that time. Most of the images I provide are in a thumbnail format in a photo gallery by shape, which you can click on for a larger view of each piece. Once each ad shape has a corresponding glass piece, the multiple decors found in each shape, will be provided in the many other shapes they were also made. Already, you can see some repeated Kralik glass decors here.

Shapes Not Shown in this ad