​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass



Czech Glass Investigation, Study & New Identifications


As I research shapes and decors for this site I come across other Czech glass company's decorative item groupings, some of which have not been identified yet. I felt it was a good opportunity to share that information here as well. Most of the Czech glass I encounter that is not A. Rückl ends up being by W. Kralik. Both companies produced very similar types of glass pieces with applied hot furnace decors during this period of 1920-39, I have based my website on.


This grouping starts with a small posey jar (with and without it's metal frog top), in a squat pear shape, with two decors. The first one at upper left is an identified Kralik rose color millefiori decor in a high gloss finish called IRIS, I am also providing this documented Kralik decor with an IRIS brand label on a Kralik fan vase with the same glass color and decoration. The other examples are what I call 'quadrille', a thin grid like glass decoration on a textured spatter base in various color combinations shown on several vases. 

You may note that, with the identified decor and shape of the jar, now you have other quadrille decors in other colors, as well as on other glass shapes, now identified as Kralik too, due to the white and blue fan having a second confimed straigth mark on it's base as shown. This information is original to this site and my study.


This pear shaped jar or posey vase, with grid has 2 confirmed decors, the lustrous IRIS millefiori in pink, and the orange swirl decor with Kralik mark, with Kralik webbed decor.​ A 3rd confirmation is the straight line mark on a blue and white quadrille decor in a fan shape above, as well as the same mark on the blue spatter hyacinth vase base above.



Hyacinth Vases, Kralik:

Comparison of two types of hyacinth shaped vases, the form with the bowl type top, which would contain a hyacinth bulb and grow roots in water inside the lower segment of the vase. There are several Czech glass companies who produced these vases. Here we have two series with hot furnace spatter glass applications by W. Kralik and A. Rückl. The Kralik vases measure between 7 to 9 inches high, the blue one marked with the straight Kralik CZECHOSLOVAKIA. ​You cant help but notice on this one site page alone, the dozens of Kralik glass decors in many variations and applications of colors. There are many more. For me, identification should always eliminate Kralik first. They were the highest producer of this type of glass in the country. The massive number of glass items still available on the resale markets proves that.