​​​​​ANTON RÜCKL         & SONS 1919-39


     Typically Czechoslovakian decorative glass is not marked in a permanent manner, except for the exports who required the name of the country, such as CZECHOSLOVAKIA or MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA for the English speaking markets. Labels were also used, but most of them were removed after purchase, which leaves the glass pieces unidentified. To make things even more complicated, the same company who had multiple plants in various locations, such as Rückl, may have used different labels, or exports marks in the same manner as W. Kralik did. We can prove with the better researched glass maker Wilhelm Kralik and their huge number of vintage glass still being sold, that several types of export marks were used as well as labels during this era.

     Part of my goal is to find and document Rückl glass pieces and their marks if they bear any. I have accumulated a group of items with the same mark, this does not imply that many of the exports to the United Kingdom for instance, which were not marked, are not considered Rückl as well. The mark found can also show a distributor mark and not a company mark, this was standard practice, during this whole export process which could involved many links between the country of production and the final retail business and it's location.

​     It seems that the two major markets: the United States and the United Kingdom may have had different decors, colors and shapes with their Rückl glass preference for retail. Each area's customer taste was studied was taken very seriously. Also within the same market, there was a range of prices from the luxury novelty items to the five and dime store economical glass merchandise. I am going to follow with image groupings of several glass pieces with the same oval white mark, with 2 stars inside each end and the words, MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA curved inside the oval's edge with the words all placed in the same direction. To be shown here below, are pieces in the same shape or decor as the one's within the top left mark grid. We can connect these clearly to Rückl glass production, this page content will continue to increase in time. These glass items are consistent with my other pages. I should point out that more than 3/4 of the pieces shown on the site are NOT marked at all but attributed by decor and shape.