​​​IDglassVI - Ruckl Satin Glass Decors & Other ID Czech Satin Glass

For some reason I started this site with a large grouping of Ruckl satin glass finish pieces, because many of them were already identified, by the few pieces of documentation provided in the Truitt Volume II publication and elsewhere. Today, two years and several months later, the topic is gaining some traction again, because, there are so many more Czech decorative glass pieces with a satin finish still unidentified. I never considered all satin finish Czech glass were produced by A. Ruckl, but kept an open mind either way.

The situation so far, is that more of the satin glass finish is Ruckl, rather than the other main Czech decorative glass producers of the period. Many Ruckl satin glass pieces are marked with a curved up metallic CZECHOSLOVAKIA.

Since several new publications have come to light recently, which have helped us identify more pieces of satin interwar Czech glass production. Plus we have a lot more documented glass item images for our study than ever before, in our quest to complete this very large and complex ID puzzle. That is what the content of this page is about. This page is going to be quite involved, as there are many pieces to show and categorize yet. I will start with groupings we know, then have a category of unknown pieces, which may not be Czech at all. We have a beginning....


​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass