​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass

Idglass II

     The identification process continues from the site's page EXAMPLE I, with two Tango Sklo A. Rückl exhibit glass pieces. #6, which had 2 glass pieces with this decor in the same photo, a blue jar base missing it's lid and a green perfume bottle with no metal rim (in top image - home page), chosen due to the high number of pieces with this decor. 

Note: To date, glass pieces acquired with these decors or shapes have been found to share a similarity in construction. A base layer of a uniform colored glass interior with a heavy transparent glass exterior casing, between these a layer of a multi-colored glass particles was applied, pulled and tooled in swirls by hand. This approach gives depth to the contrasting design. It also gives all these decorative items a sturdier look and weight than the norm for Czech glass.

An orange tooled glass swirl application in a finely spread and pulled decor on a range of colored glass backgrounds such as black, green, yellow and blue, seen applied to other glass shapes as well. The heavy outer layer is finished in either mat or glossy clear glass.