We begin with the most accurate attribution process possible by using the Czech Republic's Tango Sklo Exhibits of 2011-2012, the best source of research we have today.

Uploaded are six images of the A. Rückl & Sons glass pieces on display amongs many others produced during 1918-1925. These were taken by visitors who photographed their Museum tour and posted their photos on their personal internet blog to share publicly. It's with gratitude that we are able to have a glimpse of this very important and unique Czech art glass event.

The next step is to identify the pieces we can work with to assemble a series of examples in the same shape. We can also identify some decors, based on the small number of A. Rückl catalogue pages we have.

The approach will be to number each piece consecutively, starting with the top image. Then each of the pieces numbered will be analyzed, named and combined with more examples in the same shape in other A. Rückl glass decors. If there are no other examples for some pieces, these will be completed later.

We need to start with a solid base of information before we can pursue more potential A. Rückl & Sons glass examples on the page EXAMPLES II - SHAPE/DECOR SERIES.


​​​7. Large shallow tango style crimped rim bowl. Many sizes were produced of this bowl shape. They all have 16 tooled crimps on  the molded upper rim, some with a black applied glass edging. Examples are bright red cadmium glass, and a black exterior glass with  red casing (not seen). 

8. Tall slender vase with short and narrow neck rim. Three examples shown, a black upper body with red pfau or

flames decor pulled up from the base,

a double spatter or pale snowy spatter

upper body with a pfau decor in orange

and dark blue, and a red cased vase

with applied decor of black and yellow

pulled glass strands.

9. Bulbous Tango style bowl, with

wide upper rim opening and 3 black glass applied handles. 

Two examples shown in bright

yellow glass and bright red with

three small black glass handles.

10. Two handled balloon vase with

another Rückl satin glass decor, the

coral shimmy pfau example, with 45

degree angled black satin glass

handles applied at neck of vase.





1. Large amphora type vase, sizes 16 and 12 inches high. Molded form with open

    upper rim with black glass trim, black glass handles and a black pedestal foot. 

    First exhibit example is in a satin mat finish, with a spatter glass decor in

    tones of blue, pink, orange and coral, second example is in a glossy finish with orange

    glass body and clear glass overlay.

2. Tall 'meiping' style wide shouldered vase, with

    pedestal foot. First exhibit example is an 'opal blau

    shimmy pfau' decor with a spatter in soft tones of

    pale blue, pale pink and white, with a cobalt blue

    spatter base which trails up from the base.

    Cased in clear glossy glass and with a clear

    overlay glossy finish. Measure 11.5 inches high.

​    Five other decor examples in the same shape and


3. Rose bowl or posey vase with/without metal flower

    grid. Rounded shape of open rim jar with a series of three

    full rings with rounded body at top and bottom

    joining the opening and the substantial pedestal base.

    Examples of decors and similar shapes are numerous, seems the shape has been produced by       many glass houses. More will be shown in time.

4. Perfume bottle without metal rim and cap. This style has a deep angular

    wide base which curves into a small top and open rim. 3 examples which

     bear the canari shimmy pfau decor of yellow, orange and black, as

     well as a bright red cased bottle with clear glass overlay and a decor of

     zig zag pulled silver grid lines.

5. Rose bowl or posy vase with/without metal flower grid.

    This piece has a five inches high body with a deep and

     wide angular shoulder which curves into a rounded body

     with another angular ring attached to a sustantial pedestal

     foot. The 5 examples are finished with clear glass, a few

     have a red casing, and a double spatter in various styles of pulled streaks and spatter.

6. Lidded large candy jar on pedestal foot (missing its lid).

     Poor image of a jar without it's tall pointed lid with finial.

     Cobalt blue cased jar with multi layers of clear glass and an

     orange, yellow and green striated swirl decor. 2 other 

     examples are one in the same decor except on a black 

     inner casing, and a bold spatter in yellow, red and black.



​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass