​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass

     Partial map of Western Czechoslovakia, 1919-1939 from Truitt's Volume I

1. 1846 - Jan Rückl Glassworks

    founded in Cyranuv Wostrow             now called town/region of               Ostrava, Eastern Czech                     Republic. 

2. 1875 - Antonin Rückl, son of Jan,  founded the Svelnicka Glassworks in the region of Jindrichuv Hradec.

3. 1893 - Antonin Rückl  founded the Skalice Glassworks in the region of Ceske Lipa

1898 - Registration of Antony         Rueckl, Bienenthal (Vcelnicka), Bohemia, Austria in English language in the United Kingdom.

​1901 - Registration of Antonin Rückl trademark in Prague, Bohemia.

4. 1903 - Antonin Rückl founded the  Nizbor Glassworks in the region  of Beroun, South West of Prague.

1919 - Country becomes     Czechoslovakia after WW1 & ending of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire.

5. 1923 - Antonin Rückl builds a                    wholesale warehouse in                  Prague.

1945 - Communist take over and nationalization of all industries, including all large glasswork companies. This included the Ruckl glass facilities in Vcelnicka and Nizbor. The plant in Skalice near Haida was sold before 1939.

1992 - After end of Soviet block control, Jiri Rückl, great grandson, re-acquires all rights to the Nizbor factory business and facilities. Jan Rückl, relative/cousin, re-acquires the Vcelnicka glassworks. These become two separate business entities with no link. They applied for and used different yet similar trademarks.

2002 and beyond - Vcelnicka glassworks closes due to bankruptcy. Trademark registration ends after it re-opens for a short period of time, then closes again and is finally bought by Jiri Ruckl and investors under the Ruckl Crystal A.S. business umbrella.


 FROM 1846 TO 2015





1928 German Business card showing each of the three locations of the A. Rückl & Sons glasswork factories at the time: Bienenthal (Vcelnicka), Langenau (Skalice), Nischburg (Nizbor).