​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass

Rückl Glass - Tango Style

It is of rare benefit for our purpose here, to have two sources for the Rückl Czech glass version of the decorative Tango glass style of the Art Deco period. One are the two exhibit images specifically identified and grouped as A. Rückl & Sons, exhibited during the Tango Sklo Museum shows of 2011-12 in the Czech Republic. The exhibit images follow and some glass item images we can add to these groups in different colors, or the same as the exhibit pieces.

We also have a Band V book illustration for A. Rückl Tango, from the Passau Glass Museum series of German publications, regarding Bohemian and Czech glass. This has been placed lower on this site's page, with more glass items deemed to share a color and finish, as well as a few other color combinations.

If we did not have this documentation, it would have been impossible to include this information here. On the whole, Czech tango glass, due to it's simpler lines and unique one or two color glass decors, are very easy to confused.

1925 Catalog Page of Rückl & Sons Tango Decorative Glass From the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts 

Note the colors used and the type of item represented. Primary and secondary glass colors of yellow, red and blue, as well as orange, green and black. Mostly open bowls, compotes, lidded jars, and two vases are drawn in vivid colors, with elegant lines and black details. These choices represent shapes with a number and a color written in German, they are significant as we progress with Rückl glass products.

I have added real glass piece images on the sides of the poster in the same shape, or in the same glass color.

I find it instructive to see not only the drawings, but the actual glass products they inspired.