​​​​​ANTON RÜCKL         & SONS 1919-39

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It would be greatly appreciated if you wish to add information or images to this personal effort. This site, published on September 31st, 2015, will be a work in progress for some time. It is my own BIY (build it yourself) creation including the designs and contents. Your opinions are valued, don't hesitate to offer them. In the meantime, please understand, there is no A. Rückl reference material such as books or publications for me to use, this is a process which involves combining the few documents that still exists about this glass company from the interwar period, with the information gathered by the Tango Sklo museum exhibits and it's curator, and my own research and study with a Czech glass collection. To fine tune these results, some glass pieces may be included early on then removed, as the research becomes more conclusive and these pieces are found not to be Rückl after all.

I am happy to share this adventure with you and value your kind support.




​​A link available for your potential Paypal donation, which would fund future Rückl glass purchases online for my collection and study, this is my only resource available to find Rückl Art Deco glass pieces, as I live in a very remote area. Thank you.