​​​​​​​ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939

Including WILHELM KRALIK & SONS Czech Glass


This is an easy approach for buyer and seller, to buy Czech glass pieces, from the interwar period, from me, in several ways.

I sell on Ebay, have done so for 20 years, right now, it is a small number of listings. Prices are not high. You can contact me for the Ebay ID.

Or we can choose pieces either from my collections (pages on this site), or you can let me know what you are interested in. Then once we agree on a price, i will send you a Paypal invoice, creating a record of our deal, and also protecting you with a reliable 3rd party, I have done this several times on Facebook, it is another good way to buy and sell on the internet.

​I sell to Canada and USA destinations, the tracking shipping service cost is too high overseas for glass. I do not ask for taxes. I do not inflate prices, what you pay me is what it costs.

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If you wish to contact me please use this email address:


Look for the West Virginia American Glass Museum quarterly magazine sold on Ebay, if not a member, All About Glass will be issued this month of October 2018 where you can expect to find an article submitted by me. It will be Part 1 of a 2 Part article about the Art Deco Interwar Czech decorative glass, titled: A HIGHLY INNOVATIVE ERA. Especially focused on the Ruckl and Kralik families, their decorative glass businesses, and their fate before, during and after these chaotic years. The second part was in the January 2019 issue. 

                                             PART 1 - RUCKL                                                                         PART 2 - KRALIK